Lacrosse Equipment

The equipment used for playing lacrosse includes the sticks used by the players, the ball, goals and the protective equipment such as helmets, face masks, gloves, shoulder pads and elbow pads. The game is very physical and demanding on the players. Sticks are used by all the players and are the same, with the exception of the goalie. The game's equipment has progressed over time and is now lightweight and more protective than before.

Players must be protected against the constant physical contact and if they happen to get hit by the ball, therefore the padding and equipment worn by the players is as important as the sticks they use to move the ball. The sticks are similar to those used in ice hockey with the exception of the end of the stick. In hockey it is a curved wooden end whereas in lacrosse it is an oval shaped mesh pocket that is uses to catch the ball.


Lacrosse Pads

Pads in today's game of lacrosse are also very important and essential in order to protect the players from the constant physical contact. The players generally wear pads that are similar to those in American football and ice hockey. There are shoulder pads that protect the shoulder area and will also come down to protect the chest area and the upper back area of the player. They also use elbow...


Lacrosse Helmet and Gloves

The helmets used in lacrosse are somewhat similar to those that American footballers wear but are light weight. They are required to be worn by all players including the goalie. Since there is a great deal of body contact, checking and stick movement around the players, it is necessary for the protection of the players that they wear helmets. The helmets help to protect from concussion, abrasion...


Lacrosse Goalie Stick and Regular Stick

There are two sticks used in lacrosse. The one used by the nine players in the field and the one used by the goalie. The stick is also known as the crosse and up to four players on each team can use a long crosse that is between 52 and 72 inches long. Players that play in the midfield area and defensive area are usually the players that use the longer crosses. The other players on the field use...


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