Lacrosse Pads

Pads in today's game of lacrosse are also very important and essential in order to protect the players from the constant physical contact. The players generally wear pads that are similar to those in American football and ice hockey. There are shoulder pads that protect the shoulder area and will also come down to protect the chest area and the upper back area of the player. They also use elbow pads on each arm since opponents like to check with their sticks and are constantly poking and prodding try to take the ball away.

The goalie uses both shoulder pads and elbow pads but also has two pieces of equipment that the other players do not. They have a chest protector to use to protect against the shots that can come at them at over 100mph and they also have shin protectors to help deflect shots with their legs and protect against the hard rubber ball that is used. Generally the pads that are worn by the goalie are bulkier and more protective since the goalies does not have to run up and down the field like the other players. He is just required to stand in front of the goal and protect the goal post. The women's game is not a physical one therefore pads are not used like they are in the men's game with the exception of the goalie. She will wear protective gear since the ball is shot a number of times in her direction.



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