Lacrosse Techniques

There are three main types of lacrosse played today field lacrosse, box lacrosse and intercrosse. Each has its unique technique that are used and its own specific rules. Field lacrosse is played by the majority of teams across the country and is played for the most part outdoors because of the size of the field required.

While box lacrosse is played on a smaller field and can easily be played inside within the confines of a hockey rink which is was originally designed for. Intercrosse is much different, since it is played with only five per side, the ball is softer and hollow and the sticks are made of plastic. The techniques used in each of the three are all interrelated but have changes due to the field dimensions, location they are played in and the type of ball and sticks that are used. The basics are the same the outcomes are much different.



Intercrosse is much different than both field lacrosse and box lacrosse. The game in non-contact and has its own standardized rules and different equipment. The game is played for the most part in European countries and in Quebec, Canada. The stick used is different since the head or pocket is made of plastic. The ball is larger than a normal lacrosse ball and is hollow and softer. The teams nor...


Box Lacrosse

Box lacrosse is played indoors within the confines of a hockey rink and was originally invented in Canada so players could play year round due to the harsh winters. The game is played with six players including the goalie. The area where the game is played is called a box, hence the sport's name. The game originated in the 1930s and has grown to become a much more popular sport in Canada tha...


Field Lacrosse

Field lacrosse is played outdoors on a large field measuring 110 yards long and 60 years wide. The goals are six feet high and six feet wide in are in a circular crease that is off limits to offensive players. The game is started with a face off and there is a face off for the start of each quarter and after each goal. Players that face off use their strength to clamp their stick on top of the o...


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