Intercrosse is much different than both field lacrosse and box lacrosse. The game in non-contact and has its own standardized rules and different equipment. The game is played for the most part in European countries and in Quebec, Canada. The stick used is different since the head or pocket is made of plastic. The ball is larger than a normal lacrosse ball and is hollow and softer. The teams normally have five players and the field is a square shape that is about 120 feet wide and long. The goals are the same size as they are in box lacrosse.

The biggest difference between intercrosse and normal lacrosse is there is absolutely no physical contact in intercrosse. The sport is played either indoors or outdoors making it a year round sport wherever it is played. Since there is not contact there is a time limit that each player can maintain possession and that is between four and five seconds. In the 1980s a standardized set of rules were developed for intercrosse and those included the equipment that can be used as well as the different game rules that must be followed.

Internationally there are two major intercrosse competitions. An annual event held is the World Games where teams for all over the world meet to compete. There are divided into different groups by a draw and the teams play group matches and then elimination matches. Every two years the World Cup for intercrosse is held and only the best players of each country are chosen to represent the team.



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