Box Lacrosse

Box lacrosse is played indoors within the confines of a hockey rink and was originally invented in Canada so players could play year round due to the harsh winters. The game is played with six players including the goalie. The area where the game is played is called a box, hence the sport's name. The game originated in the 1930s and has grown to become a much more popular sport in Canada than field lacrosse. There is a National Lacrosse League in Canada and that league as well has changed some rules such as the length of the games and the number of periods played. The goals in the game of box lacrosse are much smaller than in field lacrosse measuring just four feet wide and four point six feet high. The goalie is also allowed much more protection including shin pads, armguards and ice hockey style masks if desired.

The game is much quicker than field lacrosse due to the closed in confines of the rink. There is a shot clock that requires the offensive team to take a shot within 30 seconds after taking possession. And the ball must also be advanced from the defensive end to the offensive end in just ten seconds, similar to basketball. The game is much more physical than that of field lacrosse because in box lacrosse they allow cross checking with the stick so players must wear rib pads and a different helmet as well. Today there are even World Indoor Lacrosse Championships that are contested every four years.



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