Lacrosse Goalie Stick and Regular Stick

There are two sticks used in lacrosse. The one used by the nine players in the field and the one used by the goalie. The stick is also known as the crosse and up to four players on each team can use a long crosse that is between 52 and 72 inches long. Players that play in the midfield area and defensive area are usually the players that use the longer crosses. The other players on the field use shorter crosses that measure 40 to 42 inches in length.

The goalie can use a crosse that is anywhere in length between 40 inches and 72 inches. For women and youth players there are other sizes as well. Sticks also differ as far as the pockets are concerned. Many of the attackers like to use what are referred to as pinched heads so the ball will not fall out as easily as with other sticks and they want to have a stick that is easy for them to shoot with and shorter in length.

The goalie stick has a much larger pocket for catching the shots, up to 12 inches in width. This is obviously because of all the shots that are directed towards goal in the course of a game. Many players like to string their own sticks and will do so by placing the stringing in a bucket of water for a day then stretching it to string the stick and once it dries the string will reduce in size until it is taught and strong.



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