Field Lacrosse

Field lacrosse is played outdoors on a large field measuring 110 yards long and 60 years wide. The goals are six feet high and six feet wide in are in a circular crease that is off limits to offensive players. The game is started with a face off and there is a face off for the start of each quarter and after each goal. Players that face off use their strength to clamp their stick on top of the other players and let the ball be free until one of their wing players can take possession. Attackers and defensive players cannot cross into the area just the midfielders.

Substitutions are done on a very liberal basis much like ice hockey. As long as a player that is being replaced does not touch the ball then they are not considered still a part of play. The substitutions however must be in the designated area of exchange or are not considered legal.

Penalties are common and most result in a player being sent to the penalty box for a period of time and his team plays shorthanded. If the opposing team scores the man in the penalty box is normally released back into play unless it was not a releasable penalty. Today field lacrosse is played by many high schools, universities and there is a professional league called Major League Lacrosse but they have changed some of the official rules in order to increase the scoring and make it more popular for spectators to watch.



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