Lacrosse Helmet and Gloves

The helmets used in lacrosse are somewhat similar to those that American footballers wear but are light weight. They are required to be worn by all players including the goalie. Since there is a great deal of body contact, checking and stick movement around the players, it is necessary for the protection of the players that they wear helmets. The helmets help to protect from concussion, abrasions and other injuries to the head, neck and face area.

Each helmet has a wire face mask attached to protect the players eyes, mouth and face from being hit with sticks, the ball or opponents body parts such as an elbow, hand or shoulder. In women's lacrosse the game is not physical and helmets are optional. The women generally will only use mouth guards and sometimes a face guard but the majority do not.

Gloves are worn to protect the player's hands, wrists and forearms. The men wear heavy protective leather gloves that protect against the constant hitting players receive as their opponent try to steal the ball from their stick or dislodge it. The contact is always present so the gloves act as an important protective device for the players. The goalie uses gloves as well and is able to catch the balls that are shot towards goal as well. In the women's game since there is not physical contact between players, there is no requirement to wear gloves and many players will only wear thin gloves to get a better grip on their stick.



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